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MR Series Current Transformer

MR Series Current Transformer - Current Transformers

Primary current: 30A-5000A
Secondary current: 5A,1A
Standard approval: BS7626 IEC185
Maximum voltage:0.72KV
Rated load:5-15VA
Short-time thermal curent: lth=60*lh
Rated security coefficient: FS<5


Model Specification ID CD HT
MR-28 30/5A-60/5A 28 70 40
MR-42 100/5A-250/5A 42 80 30
MR-45 300/5A 45 80 30
MR-60 400/5A 60 100 30
MR-60 500/5A-600/5A 60 100 30
MR-85 800/5A-1600/5A 85 120 20
MR-125 2000/5A-5000/5A 165 165 20
Noted: For measuring current transformers, the accuracy class is designated by the highest permissible percentage current(ratio) error at the rated current perscribed for the accuracy class concerned.

Outline Drawing:
MR Series Current Transformer Dimension - Current Transformers

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