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HF7 Residual Current Circuit Breaker

HF7 Residual Current Circuit Breaker - Residual Current Circuit Breakers - Circuit Breaker

Technical Parameters:
- Electric parameters: IEC1008(ENG61008)
- Accord with electric standards: GB16916.1
                                                    □ not prolong
- Leakage action time: G minimum 10ms for prolonging
                                    S minimum 40ms for prolonging,selection type
- Rated voltage(Ue): 16,25,40,63,80A
- Rated current In: 30,100mA
- Rated leakage current In: Ac type A type
- Sensitivity: 10KA-connect 63AgL fuse
- Short-time current tolerance: 10KA-connect 80AgL fuse
                                                  According to IEC1008 standards
- Climate resistance: Afer installation IP40
- Shell protection grade: Electric:not less than 4000 times(on-off)
- Service life: Mechanism:not less than 20,000 times(on-off)

Mechanical Parameters:
Installation mode: Install with IEC standard guide rail Wire 1-25 square micron
Terminal connection ability: Bus-bar roe thickness 0.8-2mm
Shell width: Grade Two 35mm
                   Grade Four 70mm

Main Properties:
Except from special indication,grade two switch is two modulus in width;
grade four seitch(3P+N) is four modulus in width
two-side double-functional connection terminals
it is able to connect bus-bar row and single-core wire synchronously
with contact state indicator
various leakage action current specifications
selective protection can be realized easily
It is able to prevent form false action caused by the initial operation of electronic equipment
Action function has nothing to do with main circuit voltage and it is suitable for leakage protection and additional protection.

HF7 Residual Current Circuit Breaker Dimensions - Residual Current Circuit Breakers - Circuit Breaker