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HD16 Series Indicator Light


HD16 series indicator light are used in the telecommunication and electrical circuit of AC 50Hz(or 60Hz), rated working voltage 380V and below or DC working voltage 220V and below for indicator signal, distant signal, fault signal and other indicator signals.

Main Technical Parameter:
Operational temperature: -5℃~+40℃
Operational humidity: 45%~90%(No condensation)
Power-frequency withstand voltage: 2500V AC, 1min
Pollution degree: 3
Overvoltage category: Ⅲ
Degree of protection: IP65

Structure and Function:
The illuminator of HD16 series lamps adopts LED lamp, concealed connection terminal f long service life, low energy consumption, and safe, and special locking nut structure. It can be used universally on the installation board with the aperture of φ22.5 or φ25.5 

Electrical principle diagram:
HD16 Series Indicator Light
The installation dimensions:
HD16 Series Indicator Light

HD16-22A - HD16 Series Indicator Light HD16-22B - HD16 Series Indicator Light
HD16-22A/4 AC110V
HD16-22A/4 AC220V
HD16-22A/4 AC380V
HD16-22A/2 AC/DC6V
HD16-22A/2 AC/DC12V
HD16-22A/2 AC/DC24V
HD16-22A/2 AC/DC48V
HD16-22A/2 AC/DC110V
HD16-22A/2 AC/DC220V
HD16-22A/2 AC/DC380V
HD16-22A/2 AC220VF
HD16-22A/2 AC380VF
HD16-22B/4 AC110V
HD16-22B/4 AC220V
HD16-22B/4 AC380V
HD16-22B/2 AC/DC6V
HD16-22B/2 AC/DC12V
HD16-22B/2 AC/DC24V
HD16-22B/2 AC/DC48V
HD16-22B/2 AC/DC110V
HD16-22B/2 AC/DC220V
HD16-22B/2 AC/DC380V
HD16-22B/2 AC220VF
HD16-22B/2 AC380VF
HD16-22C - HD16 Series Indicator Light HD16-22D - HD16 Series Indicator Light
HD16-22C/4 AC110V
HD16-22C/4 AC220V
HD16-22C/4 AC380V
HD16-22C/2 AC/DC6V
HD16-22C/2 AC/DC12V
HD16-22C/2 AC/DC24V
HD16-22C/2 AC/DC48V
HD16-22C/2 AC/DC110V
HD16-22C/2 AC/DC220V
HD16-22C/2 AC/DC380V
HD16-22C/2 AC220VF
HD16-22C/2 AC380VF
HD16-22D/4 AC110V
HD16-22D/4 AC220V
HD16-22D/4 AC380V
HD16-22D/2 AC/DC6V
HD16-22D/2 AC/DC12V
HD16-22D/2 AC/DC24V
HD16-22D/2 AC/DC48V
HD16-22D/2 AC/DC110V
HD16-22D/2 AC/DC220V
HD16-22D/2 AC/DC380V
HD16-22D/2 AC220VF
HD16-22D/2 AC380VF
HD16-22AS - HD16 Series Indicator Light HD16-22BS - HD16 Series Indicator Light
HD16-22AS/4 AC110V
HD16-22AS/4 AC220V
HD16-22AS/4 AC380V
HD16-22AS/2 AC/DC6V
HD16-22AS/2 AC/DC12V
HD16-22AS/2 AC/DC24V
HD16-22AS/2 AC/DC48V
HD16-22BS/4 AC110V
HD16-22BS/4 AC220V
HD16-22BS/4 AC380V
HD16-22BS/2 AC/DC6V
HD16-22BS/2 AC/DC12V
HD16-22BS/2 AC/DC24V
HD16-22BS/2 AC/DC48V
HD16-22CS - HD16 Series Indicator Light HD16-22DS - HD16 Series Indicator Light
HD16-22CS/4 AC110V
HD16-22CS/4 AC220V
HD16-22CS/4 AC380V
HD16-22CS/2 AC/DC6V
HD16-22CS/2 AC/DC12V
HD16-22CS/2 AC/DC24V
HD16-22CS/2 AC/DC48V
HD16-22DS/4 AC110V
HD16-22DS/4 AC220V
HD16-22DS/4 AC380V
HD16-22DS/2 AC/DC6V
HD16-22DS/2 AC/DC12V
HD16-22DS/2 AC/DC24V
HD16-22DS/2 AC/DC48V