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Cylindrical Fuse Links

Cylindrical Fuse Links - Fuse Links & Holders

HRO-160 fuse disconnecting switch are mainly used in circuits with high short-circuit current and motor circuit as power switch, disconnecting switch ir emergency switch.
Rated insulate voltage up to 50Hz AC,690V; Rated working voltage up to 660V; Rated working current up to 160A; Rated short-time withstand current(valid): 3.2KA/1S. The fuse disconnecting switch complies with GB14048.3 and IEC947-3.

Dsign Features: 
The switch with three-phase and half sealed structures is made up of two parts: the seat and the cover(melt-loading device). The front operation can observe the rated of the fuse links and indicator status. The switch can be matched with Nh000 and Nh00 fuse. The switch has features of small volume, reliable operation, convenient fuse install fuse install and removal and removal and small-required manual operation power.

Rated Open and Breaking Capacity of the switch:

Rated Working Voltage(V) Rated Working Current(A) Application Rated Open and Breaking Capacity
Connecting Breaking
l/le U/Ue Cosφ lc/le Ur/Ue Cosφ
690 All Current AC21B 1.5 1.05 0.95 1.5 1.05 0.95
500 All Current AC22B 3 1.05 0.65 3 1.05 0.65
400 ≤100 AC23B 10 1.05 0.45 8 1.05 0.45
  >100 AC23B 10 1.05 0.35 8 1.05 0.30
Note: l - connecting current                           U - post connecting voltage
          le - rated working current                    Ue - rated working voltage
          lc - breaking current                             Ur - recovery current

Cylindrical Fuse Links - Fuse Links & Holders
Cylindrical Fuse Links - Fuse Links & Holders

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