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Cylindrical Fuse Links

Cylindrical Fuse Links - Fuse Links & Holders

Protection against overload and short circuit in electric lines(type gG), also available for protection of semiconductor parts and equipments against short-circuit(type R) and protection of motors(type aM).Rated voltage up to 660V,Rated current up to 125A; Working frequency 50Hz AC; Rated breaking capacity up to 100KA. Compliant with GB13539 and IEC269. 

Dsign Features:
Varilable cross-section fuse element made from pure metal sealed in cartridge made from high-duty ceramic or epoxy glass. Fuse tube filled with chemically treated high-purity quartz sand as arc-extinguishing medium. Dot-welding of fuse element ends to the caps ensures reliable electric connection; Striker may beattachend to the fuse ling to provide immediate activation of micro-switch to give various signals or cut the circuit automatically.

Cat NO. Models Dimensions/sizes (mm) Rated Voltage(V) Rated Current(A) Weight(g)
HRO Cross-reference D*L
gG(Normal) aR(Fast) gG(Normal) aR(Fast)
134 H016H HS16T FRH-R 14.3*51 250 2-50 25
135 H017H HS17T   22.2*58 380/500 10-125 52
136 H019H HS19T FRS-R 20.5*127 600 0.5-63 82
137 H019AH HS19AT FLNR 20.5*76 600 0.5-63 60
138 H019BH HS19BT   20.5*114 600 0.5-63 72
139 H019CH HS19CT FRS-R 27*139 600 32-63 148
140 H019DH HS19DT   27*147 600 32-63 172

Cylindrical Fuse Links - Fuse Links & Holders